High Quality 1kw Micro Wind Turbine

Air Force 1 micro wind turbines are PMG turbines that a guaranteed power performance curve.

From the very beginning high durability, low noise emissions and easy installation represented the key aspects for Airforce 1kw. Power supply for private homes.

Airforce 1 turbines are utilized together with solar panels and home storage systems like the Hoppecke & Voltacon AGM batteries, Pylontech US2000 and the new lithium-Ion 2021 developed by Voltacon. The Owners of hybrid systems will reduce their energy bills up to 90% for years to come


Business Power Supply

Power supply for businesses and industrial sites.

Whether used together with Diesel engines or solar panels – wind power provides an excellent completion of any off- or on-grid energy supply.

Wind power will be available especially in times of bad weather when power demand naturally rises.
In the most recent application, the wind turbine is installed directly on the metal frame of an industrial building in Coventry. The 1kw permanent magnet generator works in parallel with a 5kw solar installation.

The energy is stored in lead-acid GEL batteries and all the surplus power is fed directly to the warehouse. The system is certified for self-consumption without allowing any power to be exported back to the grid.


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