SilentPower Control Cabinet (Plug n Play)

The Smart Solution!

The Voltacon Silent Power all-in-one storage solutions are based on the proven Victron Energy MultiPlus and Quattro nverter/charger series and Victron Energy SmartSolar/BlueSolar PV charge controllers. The PV generator is connected to the battery via the integrated MPPT charge controller. The Silent Power all-in-one is installed between public grid and home network. Additional metering equipment is not required. The Silent Power all-in-one is fast and easy to install thanks to its plug‘n‘play design. It is compatible to traditional lead acid batteries and various lithium battery modules.

The Silent Power all-in-one operates as true off -grid system in case of a blackout maintaining PV energy generation and power supply of all electrical loads. The Silent Power all-in-one has a se mains input. For systems with only one battery inverter phase coupling ensures that the PV and battery energy is distributed to the entire local AC network. Furthermore the Silent Power all-in-one is equipped with an uninterruptible bypass switch for direct power supply from the grid in case of a maintenance shutdown or a system failure. A high-res display integrated in the cabinet front door allows extensive system monitoring, datalogging and remote access via LAN or internet.


– All-in-one control cabinet
– True off-grid operation w/o grid
– High-end components
– Fail-safe installation
– Easy and reliable operation
– Maintenance-free
– Highest safety level
– Detailed monitoring & datalogging
– 5 years product warranty

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