Hybrid Inverters

We have patented the Voltasol systems, a new line of smart hybrid inverters. We produce lines of both single and triple phase Voltasol inverters. These are intelligent inverters that can be easily managed with artificial intelligence. They integrate solar cells, batteries and AC utility elements to ensure you have continuous power to your home.


Our Voltasol inverters can convert solar energy to either 230V and 400V alternating current. While the energy is generally intended to be used for on-grid energy, some of it can be stored for future use. This means that you can depend on Voltasol inverters to power your appliances during periods of prolonged darkness due to inclement weather.
Our hybrid inverters are designed to operate as efficiently as possible by using the most readily available power source. If solar energy supplies are low, they will pull energy from your batteries to make sure your devices have sufficient power.

"“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo da Vinci