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Whether you are looking to create ambience for your outdoor entertaining spaces, or lighting up your garden or shed, we have an extensive range of classic and modern LED fittings for any type of property and any type of weather condition. We can also provide installations with motion detection – showing you can promote safety and still be stylish, with elegant illumination in the form of sleek, stainless steel wall spot lights, photocells, or full/partial moon fittings.

LED Street lights -Hyperion
wall lights

Commercial building owners can also look to us for brilliant lighting solutions for streets, open space car parks, pathways and motorways – available in strengths between 70 and 400 watts. These LED installations are the ideal replacement and update to high-pressure sodium street lights that will increase property value and energy savings for you. It will amaze you how such an easy and economical investment can completely change the look and feel of your public areas and open spaces. The Hyperion LED Street Light, for example, is the most compact luminary for these open areas. 

astron led wall light

Astron is has an aluminium cylindrical housing and  illuminates warm light beam in three directions. Find out more on our web site with the outdoor lighting solutions

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