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At Voltacon, we develop and manufacture customised LED lighting solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We strive to create simple solutions that need minimal effort to install, that are durable, and that will create just the right mood for the area in question. We want to work with you to make sure that your lighting is perfect for your space.   


Every client has different needs for their space, so every solution must be customised to fit their individual needs.


Our LED lights fit into existing fluorescent and incandescent light fittings. Reusing existing fittings saves time and money for our clients.


We work with each of our clients to understand what their needs are, then commit ourselves to meet those needs with precision.

Plug ‘n’ Play

Our lighting solutions require minimal installation and are truly user-friendly. We strive to make our lights a turnkey solution.

More About Us

At Voltacon, one of our biggest priorities is customising our solutions to meet project needs. Our electrical engineers partner with residential, commercial, and industrial customers to design lighting solutions. Before installation begins, we offer an accurate picture of how the lighting and space will appear once the project is complete. This greatly increases our client satisfaction; everyone wants to know what they’re committing to before they make a final choice.  

To make sure we are offering the best products possible, we create all of our lights in a facility built specifically for this purpose. We manufacture complete control cabinets, AC power distribution boxes, photovoltaic DC combiner boxes, and automated transfer switch cabinets for renewable energy applications. We also complete our own testing; in our own laboratory, we test single-phase and three-phase inverter/charger solar systems up to 150 kW.  

We strive to create ‘plug ‘n’ play’ solutions for our clients, allowing them to set up products such as solar systems for homes or small commercial operations with minimal effort. To that end, we have invented several products in which energy storage is fully protected and insulated in metal enclosures. We use deep cycle GEL/AGM batteries and lithium ion batteries to offer our clients powerful energy storage for their products.  

If you are looking to complete a new lighting design for your space, retrofit your current lighting solutions with energy saving LED bulbs, or would like to know more about Voltacon and our production and installation process, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.  


As an engineering company, Voltacon has in house electrical and electornic engineers with working experience in the power industry for over 25 years. The company employs qualified electricians and automation technicians that assemble and test our off grid control cabinets and back up energy storage.

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