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LED Bulbs

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We have selected the renowned brand LEDON to supply our customer with the highest quality of LED bulbs. Voltacon stocks a comprehensive range of LED replacements for compact fluorescent (CFL) and incandescent lamps. Whether you are looking install new or direct retrofit lights in your hotel, restaurant, office or own home (the most important place in the world), we have the right  light to create a balanced ambience.



It’s no surprise then, that we are the UK’s official distributors – and a distributor to the rest of the EU – of LEDON Lamps. Together, we can help you create the ideal atmosphere throughout your living space with beautiful LED fittings that are pleasing to the eye and to the bottom line. Whether you desire sunset dimming, adaptive technology that adjusts to ambient light, or self-sufficient solar lighting for your family or guests, you know that LEDON will deliver the best and brightest – literally.  Outfit your home or home away from home and set the perfect mood with astonishing custom lighting solutions from LEDON Lamps – let us show you what amazing things you can do.

CLASSIC Dimmable led filament

Austrian based LEDON Lamps are taking the UK by storm, with their innovative and intelligent design and top-rate, versatile products. Quality and ecology combine to create moisture-proof LED luminaires and retrofit LED lamps that are functional, stylish, and come in a number of different installations. Like us, LEDON Lamps pride themselves on offering only the most efficient, durable, and exceptional quality illumination.