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Your first-choice for LED Lighting and Solar Energy Solutions for Residential and Commercial Applications

Voltacon was established in 2001 by a team of Electrical Engineers. We have over 25 years experience in the fields of power electronics, electricity generation and distribution, and renewable energy. Our vast experience and deep understanding of electronics enable us to provide quality LED lights, smart lighting, and solar energy solutions to meet any size application, in both residential and commercial environments.

Progressive Solar Photovoltaic Systems

As a dedicated group of engineers with a passion for innovation and environmental sustainability, we have the desire to develop the very best in LED Lighting and Solar Energy solutions for our customers. By working diligently to push the envelope when it comes to what is possible in electrical systems and component technology, the engineers at Voltacon will implement the best outcome for you – while minimizing any environmental impact. 

At Voltacon, our mission is to empower homes and businesses to generate renewable electricity, thereby reducing their electricity bills and benefitting the environment, while offering sound advice, premium service, and cost-effective outcomes. For successful solutions that work from a functional, economic, aesthetic and environmental viewpoint, get in touch with Voltacon. 

Smart Lighting Solutions

Customers benefit from our academic learning, which includes doctoral and post-graduate education, and the vast experience and practical knowledge we have garnered in a wide range of industries over the past 16 years. This expertise enables us to design, develop, mass-produce and supply quality LED lights, lighting fixtures and fittings for indoor and outdoor use, and smart lighting solutions for residential and commercial applications.

Our Companies & Websites

Ledison Lighting


It’s the LED technology company of Voltacon Power Conversion group, with 15 years experience in the lighting industry. We are specialised in renewable energy and LED lighting.

Voltacon Solar


If you have taken the decision to generate your own clean energy and become autonomous, we will take care of the rest. Our engineers are ready to give you the best advice for your specific needs.



Our LED Lighting branch in Romania. LED lights are undoubtedly the best long term lighting investment for you home and business. We believe this technology is the future of lighting.

Voltacon Greece


The company in Greece. We had multiple major Solar projects in Greece and continue to work with businesses and private customers to help them save money on energy.

Our parent company, Voltacon UK Limited is certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI) against the internationally recognised standards of ISO9001 for Quality and ISO14001 for Environmental standards, as is our manufacturing plant. Committed to driving sustainability on a national level as well as an international one. We also collaborates with local council, community and environmental groups.

We also have multiple blogs where we break down different problems and talk about new and interesting projects. We offer a lot of value for free in these articles, check them out by accessing one of our websites! You might also like to see our projects portfolio. You can view our most recent projects by visiting our websites – you will find the ones specific to the industry.

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