Low Voltage Protection

Voltacon is a long term partner with the Spanish manufacturer of low voltage protection devices Gave Electro.

Cam switches

A compact and efficient range

The extensive cam switches range is characterised by its robustness and reliability.

A complete range that allows any type of electrical scheme with multiple contacts and positions without compromising its high electrical characteristics.

Product design on A5/L5 series includes a number of intrinsic features that ensure maximum product reliability in industrial applications.

Changeover and switch-disconnectors

A complete range of enclosed switch-disconnectors

Isolating circuits is a safety requirement in all electrical installations where maintenance operations are conducted.

The extensive range of enclosed disconnectors is using A5 series switches rated to withstand make-break operations in normal and abnormal conditions.

A comprehensive range that is able to offer a dedicated solutions for every particular environment including outdoor use, offshore installation, hygienic environments, fire resistant installations.

Motorised changeover and automatic transfer switches

Innovative solution on remote operated changeover applications with high performance switching technology

Gave Y Series motorised changeover switches have been designed to perform distant changeover operations.

They secure electromechanical reliability in all sort of applications: transfer supply-generator with or without break, main switch, multiple source switch, by-pass, …

A comprehensive range of Automatic Transfer Switch panels has been developed by Gave based on extensive on the field experience with motorised switches at the core of the system.

Pump stations control and protection

Your business partner in water management

Hydraulic and water control systems are an essential part of modern society characterised by a constant use of this resource.

Gave products are well known for endurance reliability and user-friendliness, when it comes to pump and level controls Gave is the save and clever choice.

An extensive range of float switches, magnetic switches, conductive probes, level controllers, alternating relays and control pump units to supply the needs on liquid management and control.

Control relays and protection

Your automation productivity under control

Modern industry is characterised by automated continuous production process that must be under control in order to avoid high costs associated to irregular operation and unexpected stops.

Employing control relays on industrial installations will permit monitoring network supply and prevent potential breakdowns.

A complete range in modular shape control electronics including phase control, time control, voltage monitoring, current monitoring and overvoltage protection are aimed to boost automation productivity.

Fuse protection

Reliability on low voltage circuit protection

Modern fuse technology is the result of cumulative knowledge gained over more than a century that is able to cut off dangerous currents in all type of applications.

An extensive range with emphasis on the use of modern materials are able to offer increased safety and meet market demands on compact size.

Industrial fuse protection includes Cylindrical, Neozed and NH products.

Solartec photovoltaic

Cutting edge technology for maximum safety in renewable energy installations

Renewable energies bring new challenges in the field of direct current electricity, recent applications using up to 1500V have led the industry to invest in new technologies and products.

Solartec offers a complete range of electrical switch disconnection, surge protection and fuse protection products according to the latest specific standards.

Connection boxes are specifically designed to guarantee installations safety.

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