Voltacon Launches 1kW Off-Grid Wind Turbine – Made in the UK

Coventry, UK – September 14, 2020 – Coventry-based firm Voltacon – a leading manufacturer of renewable energy products and solutions – has launched a new 1kW wind turbine, complete with permanent magnet technology and a 48V battery charge controller, ideal for small and medium-scale usage. The solution is designed, manufactured and distributed right here in the UK.

With the new wind turbine, both residential and business users will be able to harness the potential of wind power, greatly reducing their utility bills while also doing their bit to lessen reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Voltacon is no stranger to the renewable energy market, and is renowned for its high-quality solar power systems. The manufacturers also draw upon formidable experience in the wind market, having launched the AirForce 1 domestic wind turbine back in 2006, selling 6,000 of these devices worldwide. The new turbine represents a step up from this design as the Voltacon team utilises the latest technology to give users the chance to convert completely to renewable power.

A spokesperson for Voltacon explains more about the innovative turbine: “A 1kW horizontal axis turbine might not sound like much, but if you consider that wind often blows at a constant speed for long periods of time, it becomes possible for the turbine to generate 8 to 10kWh per day. Pair this with a 2 or 3kW solar panel, and you’ve got enough energy to power the average home, with no reliance on the standard grid. You can even store excess energy with the 48V battery charger, adding to the efficiency.”

The potential to become 100% self-sufficient in terms of power is an exciting one. Too many residential and commercial properties across the United Kingdom – and the world – currently find themselves shackled to the traditional power grid and left at the mercy of fluctuating rates from suppliers. Not only is this harming users economically, but it is also putting the environment at risk through fossil fuel consumption.

Renewable energy was once seen as a helpful supplement to non-renewable energy production. Now, thanks to innovations such as Voltacon’s solar panel systems and freshly updated wind turbine solution, property owners can effectively take themselves off the grid and make real steps towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.



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