Gave Electro – our new partner in Low Voltage Protection

Exclusive Partnership with Gave Electro Spain

Voltacon’s Exclusive New Partnership with Gave Electro Spain

We at Voltacon proudly announce our new partnership with Gave Electro, one of the world’s most respected providers of electrical switches, fuse protectors, and equipment vital to the running of industrial machinery.

Gave Electro has reliably served an expanding customer base for over 70 years while also remaining dedicated to a spirit of innovation and quality. Their drive to make the best products today while developing more reliable and efficient products for the future makes Gave Electro a perfect fit as a partner for Voltacon.

How Voltacon and Gave Electro Collaborated in the Past

The new partnership has old roots. It dates back to 2002 when Voltacon started work on advanced photovoltaic plants. Gave Electro provided reliable electrical products that helped equipment work at peak levels of efficiency.

Because Gave Electro crafts and distributes some of the top quality products in the industry, naturally the partnership expanded. In 2016, Voltacon started using Gave Electro products for all low voltage protection equipment, including CAM switches, water pump station control and protection, fuses, control relays, and many other applications. Through Voltacon, Gave Electro products were distributed all over the United Kingdom and Europe.

The Exclusive Partnership

The next natural evolution in the partnership between Voltacon and Gave Electro lies in the now exclusive partnership. Voltacon will now use Gave Electro products in all control cabinets and AC and DC distribution boards for photovoltaic system and other renewable energy equipment.

Partnering exclusively with Gave Electro ensures that every renewable energy system automated transfer switch, electrical connection device, low voltage relay, and any other product manufactured by Voltacon will only carry the best from Gave Electro. The added safety features, reliability, and efficiency to renewable and other energy systems will always benefit Voltacon customers over use of competing products.

This partnership has been almost two decades in the making and we could not be prouder to make it an exclusive business relationship.

Since 2016, we extended our market to cover the complete range of Low Voltage protection (classified voltage up to 1000Vdc/ac) .Voltacon is an exclusive distributor in the UK and  the rest of Europe for

·         CAM Switches

·         Changeover and switch disconnectors

·         Motirised Changeover and automatic transfer switches

·         Water Pump station control and protection

·         Control Relays

·         Fuses

·         Solartec Photovoltaic

Solartec includes a range of protection and control devices for reliable connection and safe control of solar photovoltaic systems , including off grid systems, hybrid inverters with energy storage and multimegawatt power station.

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