Voltacon Solar Photovoltaic Park 150kW – Dual Axis Trackers

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Voltacon’s  150kW Solar Park with Dual Axis Trackers

The engineering team of Voltacon – Greece installed 12 dual-axis trackers with 13kW total power installed per tracking system. The smart layout on the frame, allowed the installation of 57 solar panels.  The aerodynamic of the galvanised mounting structure (despite the large surface) will not face any safety issues in strong winds.

The actual PV power per tracker is 13,395Watt. A normal system mounted on the ground generates 16,000kWh (considering a measurements in North Greece). Using a dual-axis system the energy yield will be increased by 20% . The data logger measured 21,000kWh from one tracker in the period of 12 months.

The risk of downtime has been reduced significantly because there is only one 0.75kW motor with high torque. The dual axis azimuth-altitude tracker is programmed by a SIEMENS PLC, there is no need to establish satellite connection. The user enters the altitude, latitude and date. The optimum coordinates and rotation during the year are predefined.

Our philosophy is to optimise every part of the solar park and customise the solution according to the requirements.
We do not offer simply photovoltaic equipment but we engineer solutions for the best performance and availability.


Undisputed Performance

On average, if a 100kW solar plant has iverters and solar panels that were just 1% more efficient, this
could result in about £850 (€1000)  additional energy generation per year.

Key Benefits of Voltacon Photovoltaic Stations

  • Plant analysis help you see failures before they occur
  • Optimizing delilvery of parts and labour service enable higher revenues
  • Advanced analysis and services help you assure yield
  • Reliable and Continuous energy output through optimised services and  knowledge management

Picture from the installation in Greece