Permanent Performance for over 20 years.


Voltacon challenged the domestic wind industry by adapting technology from the large scale wind turbine generators. We use permanent magnet generators,  MPPT battery chargers and full power inverters to enable the technology to reliable for the households.


Low speed, direct driven permanent magnet wind generator






The future energy low speed (200-800 rpm), direct driven PMG operates without complex gearboxes and other rotating parts.

Simple construction with fewer moving parts leads to a reliable and efficient system.








Increase the annual energy production


Being always available and having great efficiency power curves is a winning combination to boost the yearly energy production. The best way to increase productivity is to keep the wind turbine and solar panels to produce constantly high-quality energy.


Extend the life of renewable energy equipment


A well-designed system with compatible components that communicate with each other, will last longer than any other power system. Voltacon’s purpose-built design is made of well-selected materials from renowned brands.


Two-hybrid systems with dual-energy source, WS5000 (Wind & Sun) WS7200



The WS5000 is a battery-based system at 48V with 5kW hybrid wind and solar MPPT inverter. The energy storage, energy from the panels and ac output are all expandable, that means your investment can grow in time by adding more renewable equipment.  Our lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries share the same design life 10-12 years. The main difference is the depth of discharge which varies significantly between 80% for lithium and 50% for lead-acid.



Our largest single-phase off-grid system is manufactured around our 7200W inverter with dual MPPT battery charger and up 8000W of solar power. There are two independent power chargers for solar panels each one will accept 4000Watt. The peak power including the 1kW from the wind will reach the 10kW from renewable resources, which is enough to eliminate the dependence of fossil fuels.




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