Meet Our Management Team


Voltacon is a strong community of individuals who are leaders in developing Photovoltaic Energy Solutions and Premium Quality of LED Lights. We are experts at exploiting state-of-the-art technology, transforming energy and delivering efficient products to our customer.


Voltacon Team stands for professionals building a customised masterpieces from scratch to develop a long-lasting legacy for the future. We are professional, highly specialised and have an outstanding, undisputed  reputation from our cumulative work-experience and know-how. We work to discover solutions not thought achievable before. At Voltacon, all leading minds are equal minds.



Email: stefanos.kandilidis @

Stefanos Kandilidis

Managing Director


Andrei Rusu

Operations Manager


Email: patricia.haber @

Patricia Haber

Marketing Manager

An ambitious person, always trying to learn something new and improve. Taking interest in multiple fields, such as sound design and music production.

Michal Racki

Manager of Warehouse & Product Distribution

I am a technology enthusiast and I believe almost anything can be improved if we use technology as a tool, rather than letting it use us (ie. social media). One thing I always recommend is automating small & frequent tasks. The time saved adds up and allows you to pursue more of what is meaningful to you. I love seeing projects take life together with the thrill of doing things that might not work. Always up for a laugh.

Andrei Badiu

Information Technology Officer


Stylianos Vlachos

Key Account Manager

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