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LED Bulbs - Simple but intelligent lighting

led bULBS

We have selected the renowned brand LEDON to supply our customer with the highest quality of LED bulbs. Voltacon stocks a comprehensive range of LED replacements for compact fluorescent (CFL) and incandescent lamps. Whether you are looking install new or direct retrofit lights in your hotel, restaurant, office or own home (the most important place in the world), we have the right  light to create a balanced ambience.



LEDON LED lamps from Voltacon revolutionise the lighting in homes, restaurants, hospitals and public places. Our aim is to create beautiful, pleasant warm light that is friendly to our eyes.  LEDON lights clearly differ from conventional light bulbs. We make the difference because our lamps are unique both in terms of energy consumption as well as the wear of lamps. Our online shop is one click away. You will find at affordable prices the most comprehensive range of bulbs, spot lights, candles, downlights and capsules. 

The lamps are classically shaped to fit in standard fixtures and fittings. We offer them in standard, dimmable and double-click versions. 

CLASSIC Dimmable led filament

The old classic filament lamp has now been redefined. Our LED Filament bulbs look like the incandescent counterparts but they consume only a fraction of energy. The brightest 8W LED filament is the most capable replacement for 60W.